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Just a note that I sold the “Lady” a few years ago, so of course haven’t updated this blog. Instead of taking it down, however, I’m going to leave it up… some might find some of the posts useful, and for my own “nostalgic” reasons. I really do miss the boat.


Finishing Up the Woodwork

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Last Tuesday I finished up oiling the interior woodwork, this time it was the aft stateroom and door to the head.   I removed the bi-fold doors to the head and the aft stateroom, figuring it would be easier to re-oil them outside.    By the time I finished the interior, it was getting late, so the doors and the stair risers went in the car to bring home and do in the garage.   The risers got a new coat of varnish and some new non-skid taping, while the doors got two coats of Watco Teak Oil.

Today I put everything back on the boat – all the interior woodwork is now either varnished or oiled and looks almost brand new.

100_1570 100_1572

The yacht lamp was looking pretty rough, so I spent an hour or two on the boat with some Brasso and a Dremel cleaning it up:

IMG_0416 IMG_0417

New Battery

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imageThis weekend completes seven weeks since having rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder, and I finally feel able enough to replace the starter battery in the lazarette.   Several weeks ago I purchased a SeaVolt 745 Dual-Purpose battery on sale at West Marine to replace the old one, which was now almost eight years old. 

After removing the old battery, I took the opportunity to clean out the lazarette a bit with some soap and water, then dropped in the new one.

Interior Wood Restoration

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With nearly two years gone by since the boat was purchased, the interior woodwork was beginning to look a bit tired, and some white mildew or mold beginning to appear.

First order of business was to wash all of the wood surfaces down with some Murphy’s Oil Soap. The aft cabin was wiped down, and once dry became a closet for all the other junk on the boat. It didn’t take long to fill it up with cushions, life jackets, and other odds and ends.

After everything in the main cabin was dry, the rails around cabinetry and the doors to the sink cabinet and hanging locker were removed, then all of the fiberglass surfaces and mouse fur – that ugly grey insulation lining the interior of the boat – that could possibly be stained were masked with painter’s tape.

A foam brush was used to spread the Watco Teak Oil. By the time I finished it was time to apply the second recommended coat. Once that was done, all the surfaces were wiped down with cotton rags.

Next trip all the cushion will be put back so the aft cabin can be oiled.

Chart table and locker, before cleaning and adding teak oil.

Chart table and locker, before cleaning and adding teak oil.

Galley, before cleaning and oil

Galley, before cleaning and oil

Galley doors - very tired finish

Galley doors - very tired finish

Two coats of Watco Teak Oil

Two coats of Watco Teak Oil

Looks so much better now

Looks so much better now

January 2, 2009

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Over two months now without moving from the slip.  Granted, it’s the middle of winter, but it’s been pretty mild so far.   Other things have taken up most of my time and I just haven’t been able to spend more than a few minutes checking on things every few days.  I thought maybe I could take her out for a short motor this weekend, but it looks like rain is on tap for both days.

It’s been a year since the last haul-out, so she’s due for a wash and new zincs on the shaft.   She’s also due for a new bottom job.   I haven’t decided whether to drop her off at Northshore Marine, just a few hundred yards away, or save a few hundred by taking her to Slidell and up in to Bayou Bonfouca, where I can do the work myself at Maritime Systems.   I’d like to do the latter and take the opportunity to compound and buff out the topsides and do some other work while she’s blocked.

Sunday, November 2.

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Spent a little bit of time on the boat today, just a little housekeeping and changed the zinc in the heat exchanger.

I’ve been keeping shore power off, and noticed that battery #1 (a Dual-Purpose SeaVolt 745) isn’t holding a charge and doesn’t have enough juice to crank the engine.  It’s pretty old and a bit overdue for replacement.

Saturday, October 25

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Today was spent reconnecting the hot water heater back to the engine bypass.

FIrst, I teflon-taped the various fittings and reassembled the plumbing.  Then the inlet and outlet hoses were routed out the bottom of the lazarette, into the engine compartment, and directed to the bypass fittings.  Easier said than done!  Snaking the hoses under, around, and between other components took a bit of effort.

Once everything was hooked up, coolant was added to the tank in the lazarette and the engine fired up.  The expansion tank promptly filled almost completely with coolant, as if the entire system was emptied into the tank.   I spent a bit of time working air out of the system, but it seemed like the coolant just wasn’t circulating.   There was probably still air trapped in the system, but it didn’t really matter because I notice that one of the hose connections was leaking badly – I had only hand-tightened it.  The only way to tighten it was to completely remove the hose from the engine compartment (again!), so I just decided to keep the entire circuit offline for awhile longer.   I rarely use hot water, and then only on shore power, which still works – just can’t heat water while underway.